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We Serve a Variety of Industries in East Africa

Retail & Commercial

With a comprehensive line of retail scales and POS equipment, Claire Africa offers retail outlets, supermarkets, grocers and the entire retail industry- from the front counter to the back office - the highest quality retail solutions and exceptional customer service.

Today’s busy market demands the best equipment for point-of-purchase weighing and labeling. To meet that demand, Claire Africa offers several high-quality CAS price-computing scales for grocery stores, markets, delis and retail counters.

Our software, data hosting and managed services ensures that our client can concentrate with their core business while we handle all IT-related tasks.


With the proven reputation of turning investment into profit, Claire Africa’s agriculture products can make a measurable difference in farming and agricultural applications. From stationary, portable and mobile livestock scales to digital weight indicators, utility truck scales and farm load cell bars, our products help maximize agriculture investments—all while keeping, safety, quality and performance in the forefront.

Manufacturing & Processing

Claire Africa offers a comprehensive selection of automation equipment for general manufacturing and food production applications. From grain weighing and feed management to food processing and portioning, our products bring efficiency and accuracy to the food production, quality and compliance table. With several products available for heavy washdown environments—essential in produce, meat and poultry processing, our solutions help manufacturers keep operations within sanitary requirements.


Claire Africa offers a full line of products engineered for the specific demands of the aviation and air freight industry. Busy airports and baggage terminals depend on the quality and accuracy of CAS baggage scales and indicators, and airport freight operations rely on the durability of our ruggedly built cargo forklift scales.

Transport & Freight

Claire Africa provides a number of weighing and management solutions for the transport and freight industries. From simple vehicle weighing using weighbridges, axle weighers, wheel weighers, weighing in-motion systems and onboard weighing systems, to management systems such as driver control stations and software systems, Claire Africa has it covered.

The transport and freight industries have a vested interest in correct loading of vehicles for various reasons, including optimising loads so no vehicle is under-loaded and ensuring axle loads and overall vehicle load are within legal limits for compliant road use, to meet duty of care legislation towards their vehicle drivers, and to meet chain of responsibility legislation towards all interested parties in the supply chain


Claire Africa offers the construction industry heavy-duty weighing equipment to stand up to the uncompromising conditions of bulk material processing. With solutions for construction material transfer stations, material-processing facilities, and the construction or quarry site itself, Claire Africa provides tough scales for weighing the rugged materials.

Energy & Mining

The energy and mining industry is tough work that needs scale equipment to stand up to the challenges of long-use, demanding materials and harsh conditions with uncompromising accuracy. From fracking and coal mining to natural gas, renewable energy and petroleum, Claire Africa supplies a series of scale and process control products built tough for the heavy-duty and precise requirements in energy and mining operations.


Claire Africa knows how important dependable weights and measurements are in healthcare, fitness and medical settings. From accurate medical dosing, research and laboratory work to patient intake, home healthcare and fitness centers, Claire Africa provides health, fitness and medical equipment to serve the industry’s need for reliable and accurate measurement.


Logistic departments are busy, material handling environments, and they require equipment and tools to simplify processes and enhance efficiency. With many courier companies enacting dimensional weight postal pricing, shipping departments will need to re-evaluate their material packaging and shipping processes to deter fines and compliance issues. From stock inventory and outgoing package weights to less-than-load material handling and pallet dimensions, Claire Africa offers comprehensive logistic solutions to not only deter fees and compliance issues, but to optimize shipping and warehouse operations to save time and money.


In warehousing, every square and cubic metre count. And without proper management of the inventory of a warehouse, that space can be used ineffectively and inefficiently.

Claire Africa provides weighing, packaging and management solutions to help keep stock of inventories and maximise warehousing. We are a major supplier in the packaging equipment industry and we have the equipment range to efficiently package all types of products.

Once your product is packed, we also have equipment which can palletize your product, completely automatically from start to finish if you want, using sealers and wrappers.

Waste Management

When it comes to the waste management, scrap and recycling industries, strength, durability and accurate performance are key qualities to ensure long-lasting weighing equipment in demanding environments. Claire Africa offers a broad selection of heavy-duty products ideal for material handling and waste/scrap/recycling processing applications. From our rugged scales and tough truck scales, to our intuitive indicators, Claire Africa products provide solutions to lower inefficiencies in waste, scrap and recycling operations, and ultimately, lift profits.


Chemical processing and containerising often require special handling considerations, especially with caustic or flammable chemicals. Claire Africa has a well-established range of weighing and filling products suited to all types of chemicals and viscosities, whether they are in a liquid or gas state.

In every spectrum from laboratory research and development to product production plants, Claire Africa provides high-quality measurement solutions ideal for sanitary and precision requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.


Claire Africa provides a comprehensive range of CAS compact, precision and analytical balances to meet the needs of all types of laboratories, no matter what the precision required, and fitted with all the features and functionality that laboratories expect of a balance.

Our balances are good laboratory practices compliant with a raft of interchangeable units of measure and all the peripherals to improve the weighing experience and provide traceability.

Whether you need to weigh in the grams or milligrams, CAS has a weighing solution for you.

Quality Control

Claire Africa has the range of inspection equipment to meet even the most demanding of quality control systems.

High-speed check weighers ensure fast weight checking and fast rejection of products that do not meet the final weight requirements. Metal detectors and x-ray machines tirelessly and automatically search for any product contamination which could potentially destroy the reputation and brand quality of any company.

All equipment seamlessly connects with each other or to third-party systems to combine and create a powerful and robust quality control management system.

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